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Department of Community Development (DCD)

Permit Center

The Permit Center integrates all the development review and permitting for the county's land use and building codes. DCD Staff work closely with Environmental Health and Roads permit staff to coordinate all aspects of development permitting at a single location in the courthouse. This integration has been made accessible to the public electronically through our On-line Permit system and web maps.

  • We review plans, perform inspections, and issue building permits for residential and commercial structures.
  • We administer Zoning, Shoreline, and Critical Areas regulations, and their related permits.
  • We process all land divisions, including Plats, Short Plats, and Boundary Line Adjustments.
  • We maintain the county´s 911 Addressing System (except for private road naming).
  • We perform Fire-Life-Safety inspections of commercial establishments. 
  • We provide public information to facilitate safe, responsible, and cost-effective development.
  • Our team includes Planners, Building Inspectors, Construction Plan Reviewers, and Customer Service Staff.
ICC 100% Certification Clallam County Building Inspectors, Construction Plan Reviewers, and Customer Service Staff have earned professional certifications from the International Code Council (ICC). Through rigorous testing, ICC Certifications ensure that staff have demonstrated competency in the requirements of the International Codes®, a complete set of comprehensive, coordinated codes used in most U.S. communities and many global markets for the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.