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Boundary Review Board

The Clallam County Boundary Review Board (BRB) was created by the Board of Clallam County Commissioners in 2004 to provide for independent review of issues that arise when governements propose to change jurisdictional boundaries.  Typical examples of boundary changes, among many, include annexation proposals by cities or fire district boundary changes.  The Boundary Review Board is made up of one appointment by the Board of Commissioners, one from the cities within the county, and two Governor´s appointments.  These four members then choose a fifth member from nominees by special purpose districts. 

Current members are:




Richard Hendricksen Governor Appointee 12/31/2023
Stephanie Hyatt Governor Appointee 12/31/2025
Don Corson County Appointee 12/31/2024
Brandon Janisse Cities Appointee 12/31/2023
Cinidy Kelly Special District Appointee 12/31/2023

Late updated:2/1/2022