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Clallam County Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker or presentation for your service club? Have a particular issue your organization or neighborhood group is concerned about? Whatever the topic, if it is related to Clallam County government, we have a speaker to address the matter. Below are listed a number of topics County Officials can present to your group. Many others are available. If you don´t know who to call, contact the Commissioners' Office and we will direct you to the right department.

Auditors Office
Contact Shoona Riggs, 360.417.2222

Online Recorded Documents – What is There and How to Find Them
Disability Access to Voting
Elections – Thinking of Running for Office?
Voter Registration – What It Is and Isn't
Passport – What I need to do to get one
Finding Recorded Documents (requires Web access)
Navigating the Election Website (requires Web access)
2014 Elections

Assessor's Office
Contact Pam Rushton, 360.417.2228

Responsibilities of the Assessor's Office
Why Property Values Change
How Real and Personal Property Appraisals are Prepared
What is the Difference between Property Valuation and Property Taxes?
How Levy Rates are Calculated (and the difference between a Levy and a Levy Rate)

Board of Commissioners
Contact Cindy LoPiccolo, 360.417.2233

Any of the Commissioners or the County Administrator are available for presentation on any current topic the County is involved in, the County Budget, Public Policy, or any issue that may be of public interest in County government.

Department of Community Development
Contact Mary Ellen Winborn, 360.417.2323

Code Enforcement
Community Revitalization
Overview of Community Development Programs and Services
Conservation Easements
Growth Management Act - What is it? How does it work?
Critical Areas Ordinance - How it relates to land development
Mapping and Land Development Information Available on the Web

Department of Community Development (Environmental Quality Division)
Contact Mary Ellen Winborn, 360.417.2323

Salmon Habitat on the Olympic Peninsula
Salmon Habitat Recovery on the North Olympic Peninsula
County Estuary Projects
Human Habitation in Floodplains
General Watershed Planning
Non-point Pollution - Shellfish Protection

Health and Human Services Department
Contact Iva Burks, 360.417.2329

Community Health Assessments
Overview of Department Programs and Services
Mosquitos and the West Nile Virus
Immunization Programs
Homeland Security Programs

Health and Human Services (Environmental Health Division)
Contact Andy Brastad, 360.417.2415

Food Safety
On-site Septic Systems
Operation and Maintenance of Septic Systems
Groundwater Quality and Protection
Geology or General Groundwater Concepts
Water Quality Assessments
Illegal Methamphetamine ("Meth") Labs
County's Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs
Stormwater Impacts and Some Possible Solutions

Information Technology Department
Contact Debbie Earley, 360.417.2345

Overview of Department Services and Functions
Public Access to County Information Systems - What Can the Public Access over the Web?

Juvenile Services Department
Contact Pete Peterson, 360.565.2628

Overview of Programs and Services
Probation and Youth At-Risk Supervision
CASA – Court Appointed Advocate Program
Behavioral Health Services for Youth
Youth Corrections Services

Parks, Fair, and Facilities Department
Contact Joel Winborn, 360.417.2429

Clallam County Parks
The Clallam County Fair
County Facilities

Public Works Department
Contact Ross Tyler, 360.417.2448

County Road Projects
Streamkeepers programs
Want to volunteer on the Olympic Discovery Trail
The Olympic Discovery Trail - What will it look like? What is the status now?

Sheriff's Office
Contact Lorraine Shore, 360.417.2262

Neighborhood Watch and Sheriff's Volunteers, 360.417.2376
Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, 360.417.2525
Boating Safety, 360.417.2461
Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET), 360.417.2570
Clallam County Jail, Electronic Home Monitoring, Chain Gang, 360.417.2356
Administration, Civil Service, Civil Process, Law Enforcement Records, 360.417.2257
Sex Offender Policy and Information, 360.417.2452

Superior Court
Contact Lindy Clevenger, 360.417.2386

LIFT Court (Family Therapeutic Court)
Drug Court
Backlog of Cases
Domestic Violence and Family/Juvenile Court

Superior Court Clerk
Contact Barbara Christensen, 360.417.2333

Overview of the Superior Court Clerk and how the department works with the Court System

Treasurer's Office
Contact Selinda Barkhuis, 360.417.2247

Responsibilities of the Treasurer's Office
Property Taxes
Tax Foreclosures
Tax Title Properties
County Investment Policy
General Revenues
Real Estate Excise Tax
Streamline Sales Tax

WSU Extension
Contact Clea Rome, 360.417.2280

Pasture Management
Mud and Manure Management, etc. as They Relate to Water Quality.